After we built the Tiny House that would become our cafe we were looking for a location.  To our amazement we were invited to set up in Acacia Park, smack in the middle of downtown.  This amazing little oasis is full of great events, farmers markets, concerts, games and more.  It is also a major gathering spot for some of our city's homeless population.  After years of sharing the park with these folks, many have become our friends, and we increasingly understood that with the opportunity to be neighbors with them included a responsibility to do our part to help them. So in January of 2018 we launched a partnership with The Marian House, committing to give 5% of our revenues - not profits - towards their great mission.  This means that 5 cents of every dollar spent at Story Coffee goes directly to helping feed hungry people or give clothing to struggling families or help those in transition find housing and jobs.  We're great at coffee, so we do that.  And the fine folks at The Marian House are great at helping those in need, so we support them in doing that.  Everybody doing what they do best means there's enough to share.