You're going places.


You've got stuff to do.  We get it.  You're practically epic.  But you gotta have great coffee, and it needs to be fast and convenient.  That's where we come in. 

We created the world's first Tiny House Coffee Shop where customers come inside so we can be a part of your story.  It starts with the coffee.  Our model is simple and elegant.  We don't do much besides coffee, so we're really good at it.  We don't have free wi-fi  or places to plug in, so nobody sits around with their face stuck in a screen.  They actually talk to each other.  Our simple approach also solves problems like waiting too long or paying too much.  Our offerings and overhead are minimal, so we can pass the savings along to you, and do so in less time than most.  

But it doesn't end there.  We also partner with you in other ways, coming alongside your epic story with flourishes that make it even more epic-er!  Like partnering with you to feed the homeless in our city (5% of every dollar spent at Story goes to this) or giving you a chance to share your story with our community so they can be encouraged by it too.  

So thanks for being a part of our story, and letting us be a part of yours.  Together, we're going to go someplace.  And it's gonna be beautiful.